Gestational Surrogate

Nutrition 101 For Gestational Surrogate Mothers

Gestational Surrogate: Nutrition 101

Adopting healthier eating habits is critical to the wellness of a gestational surrogate. This article is filled with helpful tips and recommendations for integrating nutrition into your way of life naturally.

Given that you are not just eating for yourself but also for the baby you are carrying, you must be extra careful with what and how much you eat. You must learn the effective means to a balanced diet. This is possible if you follow the prescribed food rationing, which is as follows: half carbs, one-quarter protein, and one-quarter fat.

A nutrition-filled eating plan should focus on the first meal of the day – breakfast. Immediately after your body has gone without food for the entire night, it needs a hearty and healthy breakfast to give you and the baby energy to make it through the entire day. Go for healthy breakfast food items like baked breads with fruit and orange juice. Also take note of your water intake. While it may be pleasurable to chug down lots of sweet, tasty drinks, they won’t keep you hydrated like water can. Don’t skimp on drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, as this will keep you refreshed.

As a gestational surrogate mom, it is vital to include fiber in your regimen. Fiber helps control your body weight by keeping you satiated. Furthermore, there’s simply no greater way to handle cholesterol naturally than with fiber. Other health conditions that fiber helps with are diabetes, cardiac issues, and a few types of cancer. Fiber is indeed vital in preventing constipation throughout the course of your experience as a gestational surrogate mother.

Eating foods rich in Vitamin B6 is a good idea for surrogate mothers. This is due to the fact that this type of vitamin is a natural combatant against depression. Vitamin B6 keeps serotonin levels balanced. To enhance your mood, try eating asparagus, wheat germ, and chicken breast, as these have high volumes of Vitamin B6. It’s also a smart choice to get the recommended daily allowance of B6 during the cold winter months to lift your spirits.

It is advisable for gestational surrogate moms to eat smaller-sized meals daily. About five or six smaller portions spaced out throughout the course of a day will render better food digestion and keep weight down. Managing your weight as a gestational surrogate mom also helps prevent hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases. In addition, frequent eating lessens your appetite, thus reducing the urge to overeat.

Committing to nutritious eating habits as a gestational surrogate is within your reach with these easy-to-follow tips.